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About is a forecasting and research platform for patents. Users contribute to the forecast by buying and selling shares of legal outcomes related to the patent process. All markets are simple yes or no questions such as: “Will any claim of Application No. 6085219 be approved by the US Patent Office by January 1, 2019?” Owners of the winning outcome receive a share of the IP Gold wagered on the market. IP Gold creates an incentive for public participation in patent examination.


Patent Validity

Many of the prediction markets relate to the validity of a patent and whether it is novel. Users can search a database with millions of patent documents that could prove a patent is not novel and therefore invalid. By submitting this proof, otherwise known as prior art, users can influence the outcome of the patent process and therefore the the value of outcome shares in the market. is the first and only prediction market platform where a user can wager on an event, and then directly influence the probability of winning.



Public Markets

  • Invalidate granted patents
  • Prevent pending applications from issuing
  • Discover hard-to-find prior art
  • Improve patent quality

Private Markets

  • Forecast patent validity
  • Optimize patent maintenance
  • Leaderboard
  • Group intelligence

What is IP Gold?

IP Gold is a virtual currency used to take buy and sell positions on A supply of IP Gold is given to all users who sign up for an account on to encourage participation in markets. IP Gold can be used to buy and sell shares of the initial prediction markets. Additionally, IP Gold can be used to pay for other miscellaneous platform fees and services such as custom markets or bounties.



We are giving away IP Gold to early registrants. Sign up for the airdrop by entering your email address.


Token Model employs a dual token model comprising IP Gold ("IPG") and IPX. IPG is not for sale at this time and can only be earned gifted in an airdrop. IPX entitles the owner to a share of the profits from platform fees. IPX can be converted to IPG at a rate of 1 to 1,000. However, IPG cannot be converted back into IPX. The maximum supply of IPG is 1 trillion. is a semi-decentralized prediction market platform. To increase performance and reduce costs, our order book exists outside the blockchain in a standard database. However, to enable transparent and trustless ownership, settlement occurs within the Ethereum blockchain. Any ERC20 token can used as the collateral token for markets. Markets are decided by an Oracle which at present is controlled by the founders.

Token Model

Research Network


Make Predictions

Earn IP Gold by correctly predicting whether patents are valid or invalid. Buy and sell shares of patent outcomes to win.

Submit Prior Art

Earn IP Gold by submitting evidence that an invention is already known to the public, including patent documents, whitepapers, and other prior art, directly from our database of 1M+ patent documents. Hard-to find prior art is valuable in a prediction market.

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Tyler Seymour

Santa Clara University, J.D. Intellectual Property Specialization, Python developer, Ethereum Miner, 1st Place National Trumpet Competition.

Campbell Yore

Patent Attorney, Santa Clara University, J.D. Intellectual Property Specialization, USPTO, Amgen, Dogecoin.

David 970-645-8685
David Garson

Software Engineer, MIT Lincoln Labs, Fitbit, Algorithmic Trading, Cryptolord, Platform & Exchange Architect, web3j.

Tyler 833-741-6805
Stephen Cefali
Lead Developer

Full Stack Engineer, Harvey Mudd College B.S. Electrical Engineering,, order book and decentralized systems pioneer.

Nihar 3854471524
Nihar Dalal
Blockchain Engineer

UC Berkeley, Solidity Developer, Development Leader at Blockchain @ Berkeley, UJO Music, Blockchain wizard.



The first publicly available version of our platform is available testing and feedback purposes.

Q4 2018
IP Gold Airdrop

Distribution of 20 billion IP Gold to 100,000+ Ethereum addresses and intellectual property professionals.

Q4 2018
Initial Markets

Launch of live, non-monetary prediction markets denominated in IP Gold markets.

Q1 2019
Real Money Markets

Markets will expand from IP Gold to USD, ETH, BTC, and other cryptocurrencies to enable technology hedging and IP insurance markets.

Q4 2019

Frequently Asked Questions

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What is IP Gold?

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What is an Airdrop?

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How can I sign up for the airdrop?

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What the difference between IPG and IPX?

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What is a prediction market?

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